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House of Commerce "BASARABIANUL"

COMMERCIAL HOUSE BASARABIANUL SRL is a newly founded company, fully Romanian private capital, with a team of sales professionals. The company is young but with well-defined objectives and strategy, which will soon lead to the formation of a sustainable interaction between the Moldovan and Ukrainian food industry producers with the Romanian consumer. The main activity is selling food products, mainly of Moldovan and Ukrainian origin. We aim to offer our clients the best quality products at real prices, promptly correlated with terms of delivery but also with payment terms appropriate to the current economic situation.

We have a focus on:

  1. Client - Customer trust is the most valuable aspect of cooperation, which is the basis of partnerships with SC COMMERCIAL HOUSE BASARABIANUL SRL, so we do our best to gain and maintain, through the highest level and services, the Customer.
  2. Quality - We offer for sale, only tested goods, in the quality of which we are confident.
  3. Professionalism - the professional team, always ready for the dynamic, constantly studying the market and the priorities of the clients.
  4. Dynamism - we are willing to sell a very wide range of products, to bring to the consumer the most quality and competitive goods from different manufacturers.
  5. Competitiveness - We monitor the prices of goods similar to those marketed by SC COMMERCIAL HOUSE BASARABIANUL SRL, so that we are the most advantageous partners
  6. Speed ​​and convenience - We deliver all over Romania through a shipping company.


  1. Identification of the most dynamic producers, offering products of the highest quality;
  2. Mediating the relationship between producer and consumer;
  3. Promoting and supporting the interests of producers in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on the Romanian market;
  4. Representation of the interests of our partners at institutional, economic and administrative level, at local, national or international level;
  5. Create and maintain an adequate competitive environment to increase the competitiveness of partners' products and services;
  6. Implementing promotional actions in support of traders;
  7. Permanent adjustment of the services rendered to the needs of the traders;

In the context of the new local and international economic realities in which the market dynamics represents the intermediary services / process, SC COMMERCIAL HOUSE Basarabianul SRL aims to become one of the most important distributors and the official representative of several producers from Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in Romania.


S.C"House of Commerce Basarabianul" SRL

Sales department: +40738245333

For economic relations: +37369104540 (viber)


Facebook: CC Basarabianul

Address: 158,Carierei str. , Brasov , Romania

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